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TIKTOK offered kill switch to USA government

In a desperate last attempt to prolong it’s survival, TikTok has revealed it offered the US government the power to shut the platform down in 2022.

The disclosure occurred during litigation brought by TIKTOK’s parent bytedance against Federal legislation that make the app illegal unless ByteDance sells it to a US corporation.

This federal legislation was introduced because of concerns TikTok has espionage connections to the Chinese government.

TikTok and ByteDance are urging the courts to strike the legislation down.

TIKTOK argues that “This law is a radical departure from this country‚Äôs tradition of championing an open Internet”

They also claimed the US government refused settlement talks that could have preempted the need for legislation if the offer to use the kill switch was accepted.

The government’s position is that “divestment from its foreign ownership was and remains necessary.”

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