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Search for lost bitcoin continues for British man

In a dire warning for Bitcoin holders everywhere to be careful with their keys, James Howells, an IT engineeer aged 38, claims he accidently discarded a hard drive with keys containing 8,000 Bitcoins in 2013.

At the time it was discarded, the hard drive was said to be worth millions. But over time, it has risen to hundreds of millions.

When he realised what happened, he sought to search the tip for the hardrive. But his local council has refused to allow him to excavate the tip site.

IT engineer Mr Howells, from Newport, had his hard drive – which is roughly the size of a mobile phone – accidentally thrown away in 2013.

To increase the odds he weill be permitted to search, he’s pledged to donate 25% of any funds found on the hsrd drive to the local community.

He claims to have “narrowed down the area where I need to dig”.

We wish him well.

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