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Reports emerge of signs of Life in Titan sub


The titan submersible which was launched on a mission to view the titanic remains with 5 crew has been missing without communication since 18 June 2023. It has been widely reported that that there was 96 hours worth of oxygen on board from the date of launch assuming no crew deaths which could presumably allow a slightly longer survival time for the remaining crew mates.

It has been suggested that the communication issues could be a result of an implosion of the vehicle, which unusually has been designed with a carbon fiber cylindrical hull supported by to titanium half spheres on each end.

It has been widely reported that the pressure of the water which exsits at the depth of titanic is so great that it may have caused a shattering of the carbon fibre hull. However, this is not the only possibility, and it is possible that it could by an issue as small as a power outage.

Recent news has increased the chances that the hull is still intact.

A Canadian P-3 aircraft has detected “underwater noises” in a search area for the Titan. It has been reported that these noises consist of a loud banging noise at regular intervals.

It is hoped the crew is still alive and can be rescued.

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